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Tavolo di Ambrosi: Pitti 2013

I hosted a dinner party during this year’s Pitti and invited many of my friends for an evening of enjoyment and good food!

There were of course my friends from The Armoury: Mark Cho, Ethan Newton, and Alan See, Mr. Alberto Scaccione of Pitti, Mr. Kaga of Tie Your Tie, The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman, Simone Righe, Lino of Al Bazar in Milan, my friend the blogger of Il Gusto del Signore, O’Mast’s Gianluca, Valentino Ricci of Sciamat, Cosimo and Salvatore of Caccioppoli Napoli, the people from United Arrows and Camoshita in Japan, Il Micio’s Hidetaka Fukaya, the two CEO’s of Villa Corea Dean Kim and Seon Hwang along with Eddie Park the director, and many other friends.

Many thanks to Il Gusto del Signore for the photos!

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